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17 March 2008 @ 08:32 am
'08 in brief:
new camera:

new job(s):
picture maker, design editor, and delivery boy.
design firm:
short description-
planning a euro trip with cathypants.
applying for photo competishs.
dad visited. brought laser engraver. sadly broken.
renewing the volvo's lease on life, picking it up today.
maxx passed.
hernia surgery. recovered in 3 weeks. 4 inch scar.
new friends made, half moved away. good excuse to see more parts of the countryside.

feel more capitalist than ever.
saving money is smart,
and valor is balls.
and i like running.
26 February 2008 @ 09:22 am

not needing to blog these days. sorrae!
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19 November 2007 @ 01:45 pm
new timey fol de rol.

bought a cute serving tray thing.
blind and handicapped salvation army soldiers made it for me.
some day in haiti.
zeke just borked in his mouth a little bit.

darkroom building plans.
contract jobs hurt my insides.
still full-time searching.
katrina's offering great pay and health insurance subsidy
but any more food work could chip away at my soul.
goal is saving enough for first year's tuition
until the assistantship kicks in.

want product:

going for thanksgivin' with cathypants.
we did monticello last weekend and
it was awesome. lightly put.

definitely back in sync with
whatever plane i'm travelin' on.
universal swing push and whatever.

application is currently
my middle name.
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23 October 2007 @ 11:15 pm
never had seen this before.
heard all of it 10 years ago
on car rides with austin hood to school with the ammerman twins
who i think both have purple hearts now
and hating that they smoked
and highspeed gravel
and starkville.

Current Music: barcelona
23 October 2007 @ 01:40 pm
got one of my letters of rec in from leslie.
pulling up grad school applications
feels satisfying.

new roomate achieved! shitty parka! aka katie.
responsible, music-happy, guitar-playing, photographer,
opening a new chapter in her life. who's all about the darkroom.
and all about helping me build it.
and responsible like fire.

killed the ackland.
different reasons.

reached and breached 12000 digital photos.
at least in the lightroom library.

weekend was six kinds of awesome.
had a sweet as sweet tea
lazy sunday with cathy and the cheen.

lord love a duck.
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11 October 2007 @ 12:03 am
per recent subway conversation, and readin' up on Girl Talk--->
-interview from pitchfork-
GT: "I've definitely seen the popularity increase as far as show requests and interest but nothing's changed on the financial end. I've probably blown any money I've made so far on Subway-- I'll get a 12" instead of a 6" now."

trying to do more jpeg research.
reread my last jpeg/imaging paper,
and just getting my ass wet on 'new media' again,
dumped seratonin up in my blood
better than a gram of ecstasy.
discrete cosine transforms scare the pants off me.
and fractal compression crap
is for y-front pansy boys.
i need UNC library access
and a book budget.

decided at the damn last minute to try to write a grant for NC's art council.
not really to pretend i'll get it,
just to get in gear.
due november 8th.
community camera obscura
would be the easiest to tout.

gnat went up my nose.
trying to trap them with vinegar and tin foil
before potential new roomie visits tomorrow.

one two three

zeke hearts jinx.
the bottle caps at least.
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10 October 2007 @ 05:19 pm

in progress.
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04 October 2007 @ 02:05 am

cake lady making. painted the kitchen on layer 2, and worked on making a stove out of gum paste.
rat cake done by the weekend----hopefully.
posters in the window as of today woooooo.

saw my old chef 'baybay' today, out back of the coffee shop.
tried to tell me decorating at sugarland was a step up from the diner.
and worth the degree.
i bit my lip.

dwyer's been sickly.
probly why i'm so stubbly.
fuck appearances.

considering 86'ing the ackland.
first 10 minutes of class makes me want to run and yell mid-jump and make things that better attach me to you and your friends and your friends friends and their grandparents.
but the rest of the 2 hours kind of no. the people talk about artists like they're wetbacks or coons or gooks. by god i'm a teaching fool, but teaching 5 year olds why a certain painting is important kind of goes against the grain. it's not helping them in any way i really want to. i thought i hated the white wall before.
finding that my art history avoidance actually has reasons behind it,
ones i never even thought 'bout.
whirling dervish.

need to call dad.

the bed has sheets now.
and a pack of buttered popcorn jellybellies next to it.
and a coverlet.
kind of still want a big down floppy thing. but i'm into this.
this coverlet thing.

mississippi state says goodnight.

new david shrigley styled matchbox.
that i bought in lightyears.
irony overflows.

also i cut my hair.
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03 October 2007 @ 12:26 am
somehow we might all end up watching a torrent of episode III,
drinking our roomates beers.

makin' cakes like aspen and sugar water.
designer cakes = sugar cut 4000 ways. and elmer's glue.
ate my body weight in fondant and sugar veil and gum paste and other nameless sugar products. katrina sits there and makes me coffee.

need new job. tired of the bakery.
posters go up in the windows tomorrow.

can't help but miss everything:
it all looks good backwardsCollapse )
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28 September 2007 @ 06:47 pm
found an' old email account on the server. forgot it.
found this:

damn diggity 2004. seems eons off.
ellie and those damn red shorts.
can't remember when she weds neil.

text messages from idaho are well received.
erin and i need to do some garageband trading,
like all the cool kids.
like laura.


Read more...Collapse )

nabbed the cathy and went and saw superbad.
everything from the apatow camp rocks my girl jeans.
fuckin bill with a beard.

goin to lamar's tonoight
for a cookout.
fun with the lightyears awesomeness.
we didn't invite kathleen. whoops.

got my hallow's eve costume figgered.
but i need a pink tutu...

what you doin in my waterssss motherlicker?
Current Music: The Will Song - heartless bastards