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11 October 2007 @ 12:03 am
40 is never enough  
per recent subway conversation, and readin' up on Girl Talk--->
-interview from pitchfork-
GT: "I've definitely seen the popularity increase as far as show requests and interest but nothing's changed on the financial end. I've probably blown any money I've made so far on Subway-- I'll get a 12" instead of a 6" now."

trying to do more jpeg research.
reread my last jpeg/imaging paper,
and just getting my ass wet on 'new media' again,
dumped seratonin up in my blood
better than a gram of ecstasy.
discrete cosine transforms scare the pants off me.
and fractal compression crap
is for y-front pansy boys.
i need UNC library access
and a book budget.

decided at the damn last minute to try to write a grant for NC's art council.
not really to pretend i'll get it,
just to get in gear.
due november 8th.
community camera obscura
would be the easiest to tout.

gnat went up my nose.
trying to trap them with vinegar and tin foil
before potential new roomie visits tomorrow.

one two three

zeke hearts jinx.
the bottle caps at least.
Current Music: Personality Crisis - new york dolls
(Anonymous) on October 13th, 2007 04:18 pm (UTC)
how queer...
when my cat, irma was pregnant,
zoot would let me pile things on and around her
and she would cuddle them.
she's so sweet.
and living with roy's parents now.
you simply must come see the house.
next time you are able.
love you muches.