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04 October 2007 @ 02:05 am
sanford johnson  

cake lady making. painted the kitchen on layer 2, and worked on making a stove out of gum paste.
rat cake done by the weekend----hopefully.
posters in the window as of today woooooo.

saw my old chef 'baybay' today, out back of the coffee shop.
tried to tell me decorating at sugarland was a step up from the diner.
and worth the degree.
i bit my lip.

dwyer's been sickly.
probly why i'm so stubbly.
fuck appearances.

considering 86'ing the ackland.
first 10 minutes of class makes me want to run and yell mid-jump and make things that better attach me to you and your friends and your friends friends and their grandparents.
but the rest of the 2 hours kind of no. the people talk about artists like they're wetbacks or coons or gooks. by god i'm a teaching fool, but teaching 5 year olds why a certain painting is important kind of goes against the grain. it's not helping them in any way i really want to. i thought i hated the white wall before.
finding that my art history avoidance actually has reasons behind it,
ones i never even thought 'bout.
whirling dervish.

need to call dad.

the bed has sheets now.
and a pack of buttered popcorn jellybellies next to it.
and a coverlet.
kind of still want a big down floppy thing. but i'm into this.
this coverlet thing.

mississippi state says goodnight.

new david shrigley styled matchbox.
that i bought in lightyears.
irony overflows.

also i cut my hair.
Current Music: The Will Song - heartless bastards